Campaign Readiness & Feasibility

Of all the components required to prepare your institution for campaign success – activities such as analyzing giving data, evaluating staff roles and strengths, appropriately engaging the board and defining its role in the campaign, and creating a qualified pool of prospective donors at realistic gift levels – we believe that the most important are testing assumptions. 

Campaigns that move from vision to reality are those in which every assumption – the dreamed-of dollar goal, the message that describes the lofty objectives, the hoped-for donors and campaign leaders – is put to a simple but critical test: Do donors and prospective donors feel as passionately as we do?  Can we convey our vision in a way that others will embrace? Unless those questions can be answered with strong affirmation, it is unlikely that the campaign will succeed.

Our most important job is to give leaders a candid, thorough report of what the objective evidence tells us to answer the question: are you ready for a campaign? Whatever the results, we make recommendations that maximize philanthropic opportunities.