Special Events: Love 'em or Hate 'em, You Better Understand Them.

| by Bert Armstrong

All of us have attended fundraising events over the years that were pretty good, or even great, and raised a lot of money for an important cause.  Chances are that we have also been to our share of fundraising events that we have found to be rather dull, uninspiring, and a waste of our time.   

If you have volunteered or worked for a nonprofit, you have probably played some role in organizing or helping execute a special event or two that was intended to raise lots of money for your cause.  Did it? 

There are those people in the nonprofit world who see special events as a cornerstone activity for raising money for their organizations. Some consider them invaluable tools for cultivating relationships with donors.  Still others view them as huge wastes of valuable staff and volunteer time and effort with minimal return on the investment that goes into their planning and execution.

Depending on the organization and its particular circumstances, each of these views has merit.

Special events have a rightful place in the overall resource development plan for most nonprofits. The key is to ensure that everyone involved clearly undertands the stratgeic purpose of the event. Over the next few weeks, our colleagues at Armstrong McGuire will explore the value of special events for fundraising, offer some ideas for making yours stand out, and share some perspective that will help you make better decisions when planning your next event.

Join our conversation by sharing your own thoughts about special events.


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