Take Control of Your Nonprofit's Destiny

| by Bert Armstrong

Happy New Year!

As we ease into 2013, the environment in which our nonprofits operate is filled with uncertainty.  To coin a few overly used phrases, we have “stepped back from the fiscal cliff” but “kicked the can down the road” a bit further as we wait and see if there is enough political courage among our leaders to do the right things regarding spending cuts and additional revenues.  The impact of these state and federal decisions will have a profound impact our nonprofit sector, but for now, we can only speculate about what that impact will be.

PhilanthropiyBiz is not interested in a starting a public debate on the pros and cons of decisions that will be made in Washington or in Raleigh – although I personally don’t mind a good political discussion every now and then.  Instead, we are focused on the things nonprofits can be doing – and should be doing – that are in their control and have tremendous impact in the short and long term.  Things like making sure organizations are being transparent and acting with integrity, providing effective stewardship of the gifts and investments received, developing great leadership across agencies, and showing the impact we are having on our communities.

As board members, executive directors, development directors, volunteers, donors and supporters, we must be vigilant in keeping our organizations in the best shape possible to weather continued economic distress, to respond to growing community needs, or to seize opportunities that come as a result of the greater prosperity we all hope for in the months and years ahead.

Over the next few weeks, Armstrong McGuire will be discussing ways to keep your organization in great shape so that your donors, community partners, and others who are vital to your success will see your agency as deserving of their faith and confidence.  We invite you to join the conversation with your own ideas for making nonprofits healthier in 2013 and beyond.

Bert Armstrong is co-founder and Principal of Armstrong McGuire & Associates. 


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