10 Years and Counting!

| by Tom McGuire

This month marks Armstrong McGuire's 10-year anniversary.  In July of 2003 Bert Armstrong and I decided to launch a business based on the lessons we had each learned during years of hands-on experience in the nonprofit sector.  We believed then – and continue to believe today – that nonprofit organizations and philanthropic donors share a single goal: improving the lives of people in their community.  Our vision for the business was to help them achieve that goal.

It’s been a great 10-year ride – often exhilarating, frequently challenging, but always rewarding.  Not surprisingly, the most inspiring part of our work has been the opportunity to work with many talented individuals dedicated to serving their communities through a wide variety of organizations.  Our clients have included health and human service agencies, schools, hospitals, churches, synagogues, environmental groups and arts organizations.  Though we are careful to maintain a healthy professional relationship with each of them, we feel an emotional bond as they celebrate their successes, whether in a fundraising campaign, the recruitment of a new executive, or the completion of a successful strategic plan. We firmly believe that we are successful only when our clients are successful.

In planning our own firm’s growth, Bert and I have been cautious and intentionally slow.  From the beginning, we summed up our values and our purpose in three words – integrity, experience and results – and we take them seriously.  Over the past ten years, we have added talented and dedicated members to our team, each of whom brings years of experience and a deep understanding of the needs of nonprofits:  Janet Alford, Judy Bright, Shannon Williams, and Priscilla Bratcher.  This month we welcome the newest addition to our team, Derwin Dubose.  Bert and I are grateful for the support of these professionals – and inspired by their collective wisdom!

As we embark on our second decade, we’re constantly aware of the need for innovation, growth and change.  In the weeks ahead, we will share some of the ways our team is preparing for new opportunities.  We will grow and change over the next ten years, but our core commitment will remain the same: to combine our years of experience with integrity and creativity to exceed the expectations of our clients.


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