Rock Solid Goals

| by Shannon Williams

My husband and I have a friend, Neil Rock, who is a motivational speaker and coach. Neil believes that the key to success is to visualize your goals; write them down; and keep them visible—placing them where you will see them every day.

Neil has countless stories of great athletes, musicians, artists, and world leaders who overcame incredible odds to achieve amazing goals by keeping them in clear focus every day. There is no doubt that his approach works.

I believe that Neil’s approach also works for organizations. Earlier this month, I met with the executive committee of one of our clients to talk about their goals for the upcoming year. I told them about Neil and his philosophy, and we tried his approach.

Like Coach Neil, I told them that the key to achieving these organizational goals was keeping them visible in every board meeting; perhaps in every board communication. If we are to achieve, we have to stay focused on our goals and not allow ourselves to be distracted by other things that might impede our progress. They are giving it a shot and I am proud of them!

As we come to the end of this month of new year’s resolutions, remember it is never too late to set a new goal. It’s not when you set it. It’s what you do to keep focused on it, and ultimately achieve it.

In the words of our friend, Neil, “Visualize your goals; write them down; and keep them visible and they will be so.”


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