Excerpts from 15th Anniversary Event Greeting

The following are excerpts from Armstrong McGuire’s greeting to our guests who joined us on April 11, 2019 to celebrate the firm’s 15th Anniversary of serving North Carolina's nonprofit and philanthropic community.

A quote from a sappy, romantic novel called The Lucky One by prominent North Carolina writer Nicholas Sparks reads, “Sometimes the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right people.”  

That sums up the good fortune that our team has had in working with so many amazing executive directors, board members, staff, volunteers, donors and others across North Carolina.

Armstrong McGuire is blessed with a team of people whose gifts, talents, passion and commitment set a high bar for each other in making sure our work and our relationships with our clients are the best they can be.

We are equally blessed that our work allows us to come along side amazing nonprofits to support them in doing the extraordinary things they do to care for and heal those in need, feed those who are hungry, shelter those seeking refuge and a stable home, teach those eager to learn, provide opportunities for those seeking better lives, and create a better community for us all.  So let us give a very special thank you to our clients who inspire us by your faithfulness to your missions.  It has been our great privilege to walk along side your staff, board members and supporters and witness the impact you are having on our communities.

And thank you to our families and friends who have been so supportive as each member of our team has launched out a bit on faith to join this fledgling firm, uncertain of the extent to which any of us would find this to be fulfilling or rewarding.  Thanks to our friends and colleagues in this amazing community of nonprofits and philanthropic concerns for being so encouraging and for introducing us to leaders and organizations who have helped to shape the success and trajectory of our work.

For those of you who have ever read one of our proposals or checked out our web site, you’ll be familiar with a statement that has guided our work all these years: 

We believe that nonprofit organizations and philanthropic donors share one common goal: to improve the lives of people in their community.

Friends, this has been our purpose and what we are about at Armstrong McGuire has since Bert and tom started our firm in 2004.  Loosing Tom last year leaves a void in our hearts and in this community.  And while there are many things that all of us will remember about Tom, three things stand out: 

  • His love of music
  • His love of learning and teaching
  • His passion for Philanthropy
  • His pride and joy in retirement, as he became “Papa” to his two beautiful granddaughters, taking them everywhere and doing everything he could with them and for them.  We loved hearing his stories about taking them to the library in the afternoon. And we will never get the images out of our heads of Tom sliding down water slides with them at the pool.   

In the last few months, we’ve thought about how we might honor Tom’s legacy in a way that would reflect on these things that he was so passionate about.  To that end, our firm is establishing a special Fund at Triangle Community Foundation that will go toward supporting special programs primarily in the arts and in education. We invite anyone who would like to join us in helping bring the love of the arts and the love of learning to young people to consider your own philanthropic gifts to this fund.

Every story has a beginning, middle and an end.  The beginnings of this firm and the chapters we’ve written together have been a blessing to for us all. Today, while Armstrong McGuire is somewhere in the middle of our story, we pause to say thank you once again to each of our clients and to each of you for the privilege of stepping in to the midst of your stories, partnering with you and celebrating the great things you do to benefit the communities and the people you serve. And we’ll close with one more quote, from a woman whose life’s work is a testimony to true generosity: Mother Teresa who said, You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things.”

So raise your glasses and let’s offer a toast: To all those gathered here and those who are with us in spirit tonight.  May we all wake up for the rest of our days finding ways to focus our ordinary gifts, talents, and resources on doing great and extraordinary things.