Giving Boosts Happiness!

| by Bert Armstrong

Jesus said it.  Philosophers have thought about it.  Scientist have proven it.  Donating and volunteering brings joy to donors.  Yet all too often, professional fundraisers and volunteers deny this joy to a potential donor - simply because they are afraid to ask.  

Yet asking leads to giving - which helps those who count on your organization's mission!  And giving leads to happiness - leaving donors feeling prosperous!  Everybody wins!  So the next time one of your staff or volunteers balk at the idea of inviting someone to invest in your mission, remind them that they are giving donors a chance at finding real satisfaction, happiness, and fulfillment.  

If that doesn't work, a little training never hurts.  

Here is a great New York Times article that talks about the virtues of giving.  It's written by Arthur C. Brooks, President of the American Enterprise Institute. Special thanks to SAFEchild's Executive Director Marjorie Menestres for sharing this article with me this week.  

Check out other great thinking about philanthropy and nonprofit success on the blog section of Armstrong McGuire's website.  


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