OLD - Campaign Planning & Counsel

Our team works hard to ensure that your campaign is carefully planned to ensure its success. While evaluating and shaping the myriad elements required to execute a successful campaign are the most important attributes to consider in selecting fundraising counsel, we also place significant value in our understanding of the passion behind the work of staff, board members and donors – their passion for your mission.

When properly planned and executed, a major campaign can appreciably build upon the strengths and capacity of good institutions, making them even better.  While adhering to the highest ethical standards and practices of the fundraising profession, our firm will tailor its campaign counsel in a manner that best serves the specific needs and circumstances of your organization and its community of supporters.  Our most important job will be to give leaders a candid, thorough report of what the objective evidence tells us. We will work with your organization’s leadership to put an appropriate plan in place that maximizes philanthropic opportunities and provide counsel throughout the process to help you achieve your goals.