OLD - Recruitment

Armstrong McGuire helps organizations find the right leaders.

RLTStrong leadership is crucial to the success of today’s mission-driven organization.  The departure of executive and professional staff disrupts the strategic focus and daily operations of even the strongest nonprofit or foundation.  In the midst of this disruption, time and energy for seeking new talent is in short supply.  The last thing busy leaders have time to do is update job descriptions, execute effective search plans, follow up with referrals and references, and spend valuable time pouring through resumes and scheduling interviews.   

Armstrong McGuire & Associates helps recruit great leaders and professionals! Our team has spent their careers in the nonprofit, philanthropic and government sectors, and we focus our recruitment efforts on benefitting these institutions.  As a retained search firm, we use industry-best sources and tap an extensive network of colleagues and partner organizations to identify qualified candidates who can add value to your organization. Then we go further...and work harder to ensure a thorough examination of top candidates and a healthy and successful beginning for your organization and the best candidate.