FAQs About Search Services

1. Are you a local, regional or national search firm?

We tailor each search to the specific needs of our client.  Armstrong McGuire’s roots, and deepest relationships are focused in North Carolina and surrounding states. Our professional network stretches up and down the East Coast and we access affiliations with national trade associations, foundations, and affinity groups when appropriate for a particular search. 

2. How long will our search take?

Armstrong McGuire is committed to advancing search efforts in a timely manner without compromising the integrity of our due diligence or the selection of the best candidate for any position. Our typical search for an organization’s chief executive or other top leadership takes three to six months, recognizing that there are many factors impacting ultimate timing of a search. The interviewing and final selection process depends heavily on the availability of those involved in the screening and selection process, including top candidates who often are busy professionals providing services to their current employers.

3. Who will actually be doing the work?

Armstrong McGuire assigns one of its Principals or Senior Advisors to manage your search.  Each member of our team brings a decade or more of experience in executive recruitment, senior management and/or professional roles.  We combine this professional experience with our extensive range of contacts, industry-best recruitment tools, and professional tenacity to ensure that your search gets our very best effort.   

4. How do you ensure a deep and diverse pool of candidates?

We focus our recruitment efforts within the circles of influence that generate the best-qualified candidates and the best fit for our client.  Whether the individual ultimately chosen for the position is from around the corner or from a different geographical region, we will undertake a thorough search tailored to the unique leadership opportunity presented by your organization.  We are also committed to conducting a search that seeks qualified candidates from all cultural, ethnic and racial backgrounds—a search that reflects the values of our clients and the community of stakeholders it serves.

5. Do you help determine an appropriate salary and compensation package?

We maintain up-to-date information on local, statewide and national compensation trends for executives and senior professionals.  While the ultimate decision regarding compensation rests with the hiring manager or other leadership in your organization, we provide counsel regarding these issues and will work with you to create an appropriate offer to your new hire.

6. Do you offer a hiring guarantee? 

Should an Armstrong McGuire recruited candidate leave the organization for any reason within 90 days from the date of employment, Armstrong McGuire will conduct an additional round of recruitment efforts for expenses only.  This guarantee is extended to one year if a chief executive candidate departs after Armstrong McGuire has been engaged to execute its Executive Transition Management program for our client.