Armstrong McGuire helps organizations build and execute successful capital campaigns. 

YMCAMost campaigns are born in the dreams of a relatively small group of visionary people.  Of all the components required to prepare an institution for campaign success – activities such as analyzing historical giving data, evaluating staff roles and individual strengths, appropriately engaging the board and defining its role in the campaign, and creating a qualified pool of prospective donors at realistic gift levels – we believe that the most important is testing assumptions

The campaigns that move from vision to reality are those in which every assumption – the dreamed-of dollar goal, the message that describes the lofty building or program objective, the hoped-for donors and campaign leaders – are all put to a simple but critical test: Does the broader community of donors and friends (those beyond our board, staff and closest stakeholders) feel passionately about our purpose?  Can we convey our vision in such a compelling way that others will see and support the value of our goal?

Unless those questions can be answered with strong affirmation, it is unlikely that the campaign will succeed. Armstrong McGuire gives you answers - and a plan for reaching your goals. 

When properly planned and executed, a major campaign can appreciably build upon the strengths and capacity of good institutions – making them even better.  While adhering to the highest ethical standards and practices of the fundraising profession, Armstrong McGuire will tailor its campaign counsel in a manner that best serves the specific needs and circumstances of our clients.  Our most important job will be to provide a candid, thorough report of what the objective evidence tells us. If the evidence supports a campaign at the desired level, our primary purpose is to give leaders the confidence, strategy, tools, and training so that, once they launch a campaign – at whatever level is ultimately determined – they will finish it successfully. Conversely, we take seriously our role to restrain organizations from a campaign if the evidence does not support one.  Whatever the results are from our campaign readiness assessment or feasibility study, we will work with our clients to put an appropriate plan in place that maximizes the organization’s philanthropic opportunities.