Choosing a Donor Management System

In today's fundraising environment, results matter!  

  • Is it a challenge to compare the results of your fundraising campaigns?
  • Has your organization outgrown its Excel spreadsheets?
  • Do you have a donor database, but no one who can maintain it?
  • Do you have a good donor management system but also need to track event participants and volunteers?
  • When a donor calls, do you spend a lot of time trying to find her giving history?
  • Does it take days to run an accurate LYBUNT report?
  • Have you heard from irate donors who received multiple solicitations for the same campaign?
  • Do you have to create pledge schedules outside of your donor database?

If you answered YES to two or more of these questions, it is time to evaluate your Donor Management System.

The right donor management system, or database, can improve communication with donors, reporting for the Board and committees, and overall data administration within an organization.  Fundraising strategies rely on and generate information and data so the right system can magnify the impact of your strategy.  

Armstrong McGuire has an affordable service that can help identify the best-fit solution for your organization.  We take your organization through an effective evaluation of your current or desired donor management system, helping ensure a decision that will maximize the usefulness and usability of the technology you invest in.  

Our solution provides clients with three critical deliverables...

  1. System Assessment and Requirements: This document summarizes the findings from the examination of the organization’s needs.  This is a detailed description of the features and functions the organization requires from the software, including hardware and software configurations, budget, training options, etc.  In cases where there are existing systems in place, we will provide an evaluation of how well they  meet these requirements and where they fall short.
  2. Potential Solutions Comparison: The requirements from the prior activity form the basis for comparing potential solutions.  Several systems are reviewed and evaluated against the documented requirements. The strengths and weaknesses of the systems, in the context of the organization, are documented and the deliverable is a matrix allowing for straightforward comparison of these solutions.
  3. Recommended Solutions: Armstrong McGuire's team will review the Potential Solution Comparison, share our overall evaluation of the software options, and facilitate a scoring process that engages your team in reaching a final decision on the system that will best suit your needs and operating environment.  

Recommendations rely on the organization’s staff and appropriate Board members to articulate what they need the donor system to do.  With the right information in hand, our team can identify the option that best fits your organization’s goals for donor management.   Our solution will take approximately one month to go from assessment to a final decision.  Once the best solution for your organization has been selected, Armstrong McGuire can also provide support during the system setup and staff training.   

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