OLD - Planning

Armstrong McGuire's planning model helps leaders construct inspiring and achievable strategic plans.

Band TogetherEffective planning is critical to the long-term success of any nonprofit.  Driven by leaders who are invested in the growth and sustainability of your organization, strategic planning helps your organization examine and reaffirm its mission and core values while building a dynamic vision for its future.

Whether you simply need an effective way to start the discussion about planning with your board and staff leaders or you are ready for a comprehensive strategic planning process, we can help. 

At Armstrong McGuire, our planning model helps leaders construct inspiring and achievable strategic plans.  Our objective analysis, facilitation, and counsel through each step of the process help affirm the commitment to mission and core values.  Furthermore, our counsel ensures that those who are charged with implementing the plan gain ownership and clear direction.   

Our model helps organizations answer several critical questions, including:

  1. What is the present condition and overall health of the organization?
  2. What is the vision for the organization and community, and what steps must be taken to achieve the desired future?
  3. What assumptions can be made about the environment in which the organization operates, and how do they impact the ability to achieve the desired vision?
  4. What strategies and action steps will be taken throughout the organization?
  5. Who is accountable for the ultimate success of the plan?
  6. What is the response to the plan among key stakeholders and the community at large?

Strategic Planning Practices Result in Higher Performing Nonprofits.  Read the results of a recent national study.