Recruitment Services

Executive Search

Armstrong McGuire & Associates helps nonprofits recruit great leaders and professionals.We understand the financial and opportunity costs associated with the loss of a key executive or professional. And we know you don't have the time to update job descriptions, execute effective search plans, follow up with referrals and references, and spend valuable time poring through resumes and scheduling interviews. Drawing upon our team's experience, professional networks, and utilization of dynamic recruiting tools and sites, we make the hiring process straightforward and manageable for busy nonprofit leaders.

Executive Search: As a retained search firm, we tap into an extensive regional and national network of colleagues and partner organizations to find the most qualified candidates for our clients. Then we go further and work harder to ensure a healthy process and successful hire. Using industry-best sources and our network of contacts and relationships, we help you find the right executive or professional to meet your needs and strengthen your organization.

Executive Transition Management: For organizations preparing for a change in executive leadership, Armstrong McGuire employs a proven change management program called Executive Transition Management (ETM), developed by national thought leaders and experts in the field of organizational development, nonprofit capacity building, and executive recruitment. The model reduces the risks associated with the transition in nonprofit executive leadership while increasing prospects for long-term success. Armstrong McGuire was the first firm in North Carolina to adopt this model and was fortunate to be funded in our training by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, and coached in its implementation by the model’s principal architects.