About Us

Armstrong McGuire is a full-service firm specializing in organizational planning, leadership development, executive recruitment and fundraising.

Since 2003, we have maintained an unwavering commitment to combining experience with integrity and creativity to exceed the expectations of our clients.


It is how we get you where you want to go: with honesty, commitment and vigilance. We carefully analyze your needs and goals and use our best judgment to guide you beyond the short-term fix to meaningful long-term impact. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We customize a plan of action for sustainability, capacity and growth that fits your needs for success right now and in the future.


Because our team comes from non-profit backgrounds, we understand the whats, whys and hows of your work. Grounded in the fundamentals of best practices of our profession, we incorporate the latest research and thinking to empower you to meet your goals. We’re intentional and creative, taking the time to work with you to develop an integrated approach that moves your vision forward. We’re invested in your success because, when you succeed, the people you are helping succeed.


We’re in the organization-building business, with many success stories of new leaders being hired, millions of dollars raised, boards and volunteers energized and successful plans implemented. We know that everything we do, from recruiting a talented leader and delivering Frankie Lemmon Musicoutstanding board training to developing a winning strategic plan and creating an unstoppable fundraising campaign, is all about helping you help others.

Together, we can do good in the world. Let’s get started!