Interim Management

is often challenging.

That’s why our interim leaders stand ready to help.

Armstrong McGuire sources, certifies, coaches, and supports a network of professional interim executives who are ready to serve nonprofits experiencing a key leadership transition at the CEO, CFO, COO, or Development Director level.

Our Purpose,
Your Mission

Led by Interim Management Services Director Kathy Ridge, Armstrong McGuire connects nonprofit organizations with a senior level consultant for virtual, hybrid, or in- person interim leadership during the critical transition phase of a planned or sudden executive departure. Our certified interim leaders help you smoothly navigate a leadership transition without losing pace or momentum with annual plans. Our interim leaders also provide objective insights about the state of your nonprofit to help frame the profile for your next leader.

We go far above filling a temporary gap. We help strengthen the organization, senior team and board leaders, preparing them for a successful future leader. We are skilled change managers, knowledgeable and experienced in reviewing stability issues facing the organization and making recommendations for short- and long-term planning. We know nonprofits; nonprofit business models; and nonprofit leadership roles and responsibilities. Our interim executives are trained specifically for transition leadership.

“On behalf of the entire WISER Board, Dana was a godsend. I don’t know what we would have done without her. And Staci did a phenomenal job recruiting for us. You have all contributed tremendously to the future of the girls.
It means the world.”

— Melissa Katz, WISER International Board Chair

Benefits of Hiring An Interim Leader

An interim leader lightens the organizational load during a time of transition, allowing staff members to refocus on their daily activities and giving board members confidence that the organization will deliver its mission without interruption.

An Interim Manager Will:

  • Objectively assess the organization or the department to understand if the organization is stable and solvent

  • Determine the areas that require immediate attention and then, get to work

  • Bring a sense of calm to the staff and the board

  • Prepare the organization for its permanent leader

  • Leave the organization in a stronger position

How An Interim Leader Works:

Each interim leadership assignment is customized to the specific needs of the organization. Our team will meet with your leaders to understand your unique situation and then match the interim leaders in our network who most closely align to your needs. 

  • Typically, interim executives work 25 hours per week

  • Most often the work is a combination of in person and virtual support

  • Generally, assignments are about 4-6 months in length

Roles Interim Leaders Fill:

These are the most comon, however, other needs may be accommodated if possible.

  • CEO or Executive Director

  • CFO

  • COO

  • CDO or Development Director

  • CPO or Program Director

CEO or Executive Director

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CFO or Finance Director

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CDO or Development Director

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Interim Leaders Move You Forward

Becoming an Interim Executive.

The Interim Management Institute curriculum was developed by Director of Interim Management Services Kathy Ridge with research into best practices, methodology and case studies of nonprofit interim executive leadership combined with more than a decade of experience leading nonprofits herself and by guiding leadership transitions as an interim executive through her former company LevRidge Resources.

The Institute is a cohort of live, virtual learning experiences comprised of 6 sessions designed to prepare you for the challenges and opportunities facing interim leaders.

Each session is 2 hours and the sessions are spaced over 3 months with reading, reflection, and writing homework between sessions.

Click Here to Learn more about the Institute, criteria for admissions and apply

Want to learn more about becoming an Interim Executive?

Click Here To Contact Director of Interim Management Services Kathy Ridge

Our Interim Institute & Network

Not only do we train and equip nonprofit interim leaders, but we also offer  continuing professional development and ongoing support through membership in our Interim Management Network.