Interim Management

is often challenging.

That’s why our interim leaders stand ready to help.

Armstrong McGuire sources, trains, coaches, and supports a network of professional interim executives who are ready to serve nonprofits experiencing a key leadership transition at the CEO, CFO or Development Director level.

Our Purpose,
Your Mission

Led by Interim Management Services Director Kathy Ridge, Armstrong McGuire connects nonprofit organizations with a senior level consultant for virtual, hybrid, or in- person interim leadership during the critical transition phase of a planned or sudden executive departure.

We will recommend interim leaders who match your organization’s specific situation drawing from our certified interim executives, or team of advisors, or other leaders with relevant experience. You will have the opportunity to interview our recommended interim professionals and select the one who is right for you. 

“On behalf of the entire WISER Board, Dana was a godsend. I don’t know what we would have done without her. And Staci did a phenomenal job recruiting for us. You have all contributed tremendously to the future of the girls.
It means the world.”

— Melissa Katz, WISER International Board Chair

Hiring An Interim Leader

An Interim Executive is usually contracted for approximately 6 months. Interim leaders generally can be flexible about the length of the engagement if the search for a permanent leader takes more or less time. 

Interim Leadership is vital when:

  • Your succession plan calls for one, and/or
  • A founder or long-term leader is transitioning, and/or
  • A short-tenured leader is transitioning.

When it comes to key positions, sometimes other factors make interim leadership essential:

CEO or Executive Director

  • When there has been no independent organizational assessment for three years or more

  • When the outgoing executive and the Board have different visions

  • When there has been a mass exodus of staff

CFO or Finance Director

  • When there has been no independent organizational assessment for three years or more

  • When the Executive Director or the Board questions the financial practices, integrity, transparency, or processes of the organization

  • When there are documented challenges in the audit

CDO or Development Director

  • When there is no development plan

  • When fundraising efforts have not been assessed in 3 or more years.

  • When fundraising efforts are underperforming

CEO or Executive Director

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CFO or Finance Director

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CDO or Development Director

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Are you ready for an interim executive to step into your organization?

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Interim Leaders Move You Forward

Becoming an Interim Executive.

The Interim Management Institute curriculum was developed by Director of Interim Management Services Kathy Ridge with research into best practices, methodology and case studies of nonprofit interim executive leadership combined with more than a decade of experience leading nonprofits herself and by guiding leadership transitions as an interim executive through her former company LevRidge Resources.

The Institute is a cohort of live, virtual learning experiences comprised of 6 sessions designed to prepare you for the challenges and opportunities facing interim leaders.

Each session is 2 hours and the sessions are spaced over 3 months with reading, reflection, and writing homework between sessions.

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Our Interim Institute & Network

Not only do we train and equip nonprofit interim leaders, but we also offer  continuing professional development and ongoing support through membership in our Interim Management Network.