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Effective planning is critical to the long-term success of your organization. Not only do we help you build your plan, but we also ensure that you have the people, resources, systems, and processes to execute it.

Our expertise in the nonprofit space and philanthropy, combined with our tenacity and curiosity, enables us to dig deeper and build a comprehensive understanding of the current health and condition of your organization. We’ll help you assess, document, and plan for the capacity-building needs and mission-driven aspirations that will help strengthen your community.

Our approach:
  • Assess strengths, challenges, opportunities, and threats to ensure solutions are a match for your realities
  • Lead objective work sessions to set the strategic path for future planning or addressing challenges that are impeding your organization’s success
  • Articulate and align your organization’s mission, vision, and values. Define priorities and key strategies to drill down on desired impact, success determinants, potential roadblocks, and investments
"We've worked with Armstrong McGuire on several projects to support our growth. Armstrong McGuire is more than just a "consulting firm." They are partners, invested in doing the hard work to help us reach our vision. We plan to continue to ask Armstrong McGuire to support our strategic growth."
Joy Currey
“Armstrong McGuire is the go-to resource for non-profit leaders and community grantmakers. Combining decades of experience with practical insights, their network of top-drawer leaders add measurable value to every engagement.”
Craig Stephenson
“Over the past 4 years, Armstrong McGuire has not only helped our team think strategically and reinforce the mission and vision of our organization, but they have supported our board, showed up anytime we needed them, and have been truly partners in the work we do everyday. We could not do it without them!”
Maggie Kane
Executive Director

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