Remembering Tom McGuire

| by Bert Armstrong

It is with sad hearts that we share the news of Tom McGuire’s death. Tom, our co-founding partner, died suddenly on September 4, 2018, while on a much-anticipated trip to hike the Camino de Santiago Trail (El Camino Trail) in Spain. Although Tom retired from the firm in 2014, he continued to influence our work and our community with his intellect, creativity, and generous heart. He is greatly missed.

As opportunities to celebrate Tom’s life and his impact on our community unfold, we will share them with you.

Please keep Tom’s wife Barbara, daughter Martha, son-in-law John, and his two beautiful granddaughters, as well as the entire Armstrong McGuire team, in your hearts and prayers. Thank you.


  1. Sandy Scarlett's avatar
    Sandy Scarlett
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    I am so sad to hear this tragic news. Tom was a mentor for me in my years as a fundraiser and a special person in general. Many will mourn our loss and my prayers will be said for his family.
  2. Julie Ricciardi's avatar
    Julie Ricciardi
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    My thoughts are with Tom's family both personal and work as I remember my time with him in my early days of becoming a North Carolinian. He gift of mentorship, wisdom, and generosity in all things will continue to make an impact for many in NC and I suspect all over the world!
  3. Joyce Fitzpatrick's avatar
    Joyce Fitzpatrick
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  4. Sharon Tripp's avatar
    Sharon Tripp
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    Such a loss - such a wonderful, kind, humble man. I treasure our time together at the AJ Fletcher Foundation and I am grateful for all he taught me as well as his friendship. I am glad he was pursuing a dream at the end and I will never forget him. He made a difference in this world and was so respected and loved. Sincere condolences to his family, friends and associates.
  5. Kathy Higgins's avatar
    Kathy Higgins
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    So very sorry to hear about this. Tom’s passing is a shock. A great and kind man. My thoughts are with you all.
  6. Waltye Rasulala's avatar
    Waltye Rasulala
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    So sorry to get the news of Tom’s untimely passing. What a wonderful person to work with at the Fletcher Foundation. His council and talents will sorely be missed. <br /> Peace to Barbara and family. <br /> Waltye
  7. Joyce Mitchell-Antoine's avatar
    Joyce Mitchell-Antoine
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    Such sad news indeed Burt. Tom was a great professional and incredibly kind and descent human being. My condolences to his family.
  8. Carol Bilbro's avatar
    Carol Bilbro
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    What a tragedy!<br /> Tom touched so many lives &amp; institutions with his energy, wisdom, &amp; creativity. I will miss him always!<br /> Love, hope &amp; peace to Barbara &amp; his family
  9. Beverley Francis-Gibson's avatar
    Beverley Francis-Gibson
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    So sorry to hear of Tom’s passing; condolences to his family
  10. Lisa Cunningham's avatar
    Lisa Cunningham
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    So sorry to hear.... What a true gentleman he was.
  11. Chad Jemison's avatar
    Chad Jemison
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    Tom was one of the very first people I met when I moved to the Triangle. He was welcoming, encouraging, warm and he was passionate about our community. Much love to his family and friends.

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