Our new story is all about you.

Welcome to a brand new look for Armstrong McGuire.

Over the last 18 years, we’ve remained firmly rooted in our unwavering commitment to use our tools and experience to empower and uplift nonprofit leaders like you. Now it’s time to look ahead— we’re excited to share a new brand that expresses our energy and our vision for the future.

Every element of our redesigned brand reflects the whole of who we are, and aligns us around a powerful, focused purpose: To help our clients unlock the potential of the community.

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Our Purpose,
Your Mission

We stand side-by-side with you and your teams to help you maximize your impact through increased organizational capacity. Our passionate and dedicated advisors are invested in amplifying your impact so that together, we can create positive outcomes for our communities.

Our new brand reflects that essence by clearly expressing our momentum, hope and unity through a newly designed visual and verbal identity.

We are infinitely grateful for the partnerships we have built with our clients, philanthropists, and community leaders as we look to the future with optimism, excitement, and the commitment to making meaningful and measurable impact on our communities.

—Bert Armstrong
Our refreshed website makes it easy for you to find the information you need. See open searches or learn more about what we do.
Our brand is built around our mission of creating momentum for nonprofit and philanthropic leaders and their organizations.
We are driven by our belief in our clients and the untapped potential our communities hold.

Our new logo pairs the legacy of our name with a sunburst that embodies openness, bold energy and forward progress.


The circular elements reflect our inclusivity, while imagery showcases our focus on the community impact and outcomes we help you drive.


Moving into The Future, Together.

Our commitment to you, our clients, and to the communities we serve is stronger than ever. We can’t wait to embark on the next 18 years of this journey—unlocking potential, together.

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