The power of community.

Our communities are the foundation for strong families, healthy economies and a more inclusive culture. At Armstrong McGuire, we are driven by our belief in the potential of those communities, and the people who have dedicated their careers to unlocking it.

Since we opened our doors in 2004, we have remained rooted in our unwavering commitment to use our time and our talents to empower and uplift nonprofit leaders like you, and to equip your organizations for growth and impact. Through the years, we broadened our focus to increasing organizational capacity for our clients—bringing a comprehensive approach to leadership development, organizational planning, and resource development across the whole organization.

We meet you at the intersection of experience and empathy.

Our advisors have been in your shoes. We combine that experience with understanding and empathy to help you navigate challenges and discover opportunities so that you can drive the outcomes that move your community forward.

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Living our values.

We approach our work with joy and optimism.

People make organizations and communities strong and people are at the center of everything we do. We value each and every one of our relationships and embrace every diverse perspective and lived experience, ensuring they are not only acknowledged — but heard, amplified, valued, and understood.

We lead with care and candor.

We are frank, open, and transparent — committed to telling our clients what they need to hear (even if it’s tough). We show up consistently, intentionally, and always with integrity. We meet our clients where they are with compassionate empathy, so we can move them where they need to go.

We are perpetual learners.

We remain open and ready to evolve, approaching the world with an insatiable curiosity. We continually refine our approach because we acknowledge every client, challenge, and situation is unique. By developing deeper understanding, we’re able to navigate complexities thoughtfully and thoroughly.

We’re committed to seeing things through.

We are invested in our clients’ outcomes, collectively working to create positive impact and change within our communities. Because when our communities thrive, we all move forward together.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Armstrong McGuire values diversity.  We believe multiple points of view lead to innovative solutions that are vital to an organization’s success.  Armstrong McGuire strives to integrate the concepts of diversity, fairness, and inclusion with its clients, while understanding and appreciating each client’s unique culture and each individual’s unique value.  We continually expand our network of clients, partners, and candidates to ensure access to diverse thoughts, skillsets, and experiences.  Ultimately, we are guided by our organizational values.

Sector Connections

Staying up to date (and ahead of the game) is critical to doing great work. We are proud to be affiliated with the industry leaders below:

TTI Success Insights
Certified Fund Raising Executive
Positive Intelligence
NC Center for Nonprofits
Harvard 100
Donor Search
Candid Guide Star
Board Source
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