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Each member of the Armstrong McGuire team shares an experienced approach that is rooted in compassion and understanding, enabling us to be perceptive of the needs of each community and receptive to the changes that drive the most positive outcomes. We have what it takes to meet you where you are — because we’ve been where you are. 

Come meet the dedicated hearts and tenacious minds behind Armstrong McGuire.

Remembering Tom

Tom McGuire retired from the firm in 2014, but his interest in—and influence on—our work and community never diminished, as he continued to graciously share his intellect, creativity, and generous heart even after his retirement.

Tom died suddenly on September 4, 2018, while on a much-anticipated pilgrimage to hike the Camino de Santiago (El Camino) Trail in Spain. Although losing him left a void in our hearts, Tom’s influence on our values, our work, and our community continues to inspire us.

“If we are to do good work, we must be driven by integrity and stay aligned to our true purpose."

— Tom McGuire
1947 - 2018

Armstrong McGuire Tom McGuire Duotone

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