Retreats, Training & Coaching

Big conversations lead to big impact.

When your boots are on the ground, it can be hard to keep your eye on the horizon. We know, because we’ve been in those boots ourselves.

Retreats, Training and Coaching

Doing good is why you are there. How to do the good is the challenge. We help you plan and execute on your mission through strategic conversations designed to help you navigate complicated ideas and questions, so you can develop solutions that stick.

Whether coaching a staff member one on one or working with your full team, we ensure every member of your organization is heard, understood and valued so they will feel empowered and equipped to contribute to the future of your organization in a meaningful way. 

Board Development

A strong, focused and well-aligned board of directors is critical to the success of your organization. We help you assess the talents and skills represented on your board, identify what you need to fully execute your strategies and plans, and help you put the guidelines and best practices in place to maximize your board’s impact to the organization.

Through board development training, you will: 

  • Help your board understand and embrace the influence it has on the organization’s success
  • Develop effective plans for recruiting, onboarding, engaging, and nurturing talented board leaders
  • Create more effective and meaningful meetings and member engagements 
  • Ensure a healthy, productive relationship between the board and the executive team
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