Organizational Assessment

Looking back to forge ahead.

You’ve got big goals, and we can help you reach them. But first, we must understand the current state of your world—your strengths, challenges, opportunities, and threats. We know that each nonprofit or foundation is unique, with its own culture; and what works for one may not be effective for another. Our team’s expertise with nonprofit management, governance, operations, and resource development enables us to develop actionable solutions to take you where you want to go.

Our approach:

  • Collaborate with leadership to retrieve and analyze data and materials to understand your organization, and to align on vision and goals
  • Connect with internal and external communities, conducting interviews, surveys, and focus groups with key stakeholders to understand their perceptions and aspirations for your organization
  • Facilitate retreats and work sessions designed to engage leaders in thoughtful discussion about the organization’s current condition, and to plan future direction 

Whether setting the strategic path of the organization for the next several years or addressing a specific challenge or opportunity, Armstrong McGuire’s team of experienced facilitators helps ensure objectivity and fairness as staff and board members work through important issues. 

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