Interim Management

When a member of your leadership team departs, an interim leader can help your team continue forward with continuity and strength.

Our interim executive directors, CFOs, and development directors help prepare your organization to welcome a new leader, lifting you smoothly through a time of transition.

Interim leaders focus on organizational stability by supporting staff as they continue to provide services in support of the organization’s mission and their area of functional expertise. In addition, interim leaders support your existing leadership team and your Board of Directors in its planning and preparations for welcoming and positioning a new leader for success. We advise the board about choices and decisions that ensure the future success of the organization and the new executive. 

Through our Interim Leadership services, we leave the organization better than we found it, providing a knowledgeable, independent perspective to help you best prepare for new leadership. 

Interim Executive Directors or CEOs typically invest 20-25 hours per week focusing on budget, staff, and program management while working with the board and staff to improve operational systems as needed. 

Interim CFOs, typically invest 15-20 hours per week in financial oversight, ensuring compliance to all accounting requirements and financial best practices. 

Interim development leaders, typically invest 15-20 hours per week keeping your annual campaign moving forward, solicitations on schedule and stewardship active.

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