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Director of Interim Management Services Kathy Ridge understands that serving as a permanent or interim nonprofit executive can be lonely. She has done both.

So, she created both the Interim Management Institute and Network to provide placement opportunities, community, professional development, and support for interim nonprofit leaders.

“Every nonprofit leader balances mission delivery, community engagement, donor relations, staff management and board support. It is a lot to juggle,” Kathy said. “The Interim Management Network provides the support interim leaders need to connect to organizations in transition and help them effectively lead those organizations through the transition.”

The 2024 Interim Management Institute

Criteria for admission includes:

Training, study, and/or lived experience with racial diversity, equity and inclusion with a deep understanding of and appreciation for change in systems, organizations, and ourselves

Ability to participate in all 6 sessions of Intentional Interim Institute about practices, processes, and methods for serving as a qualified interim executive and do the homework reading, assignments between sessions

Multi-year experience as a nonprofit CEO/Executive Director or Nonprofit Board Chair/Officer; senior team nonprofit team member with knowledge of nonprofit finance and fundraising; or major funding leader

References for experience in leading nonprofits through change, turnaround, significant growth/downsizing/mergers, or other major directional shifts

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Network Composition and Purpose

A qualified network of nonprofit interim management consultants who share a similar level of competency, experience, and a desire to learn. The network provides professional development, networking and referral opportunities among members and the Armstrong McGuire team. 

2024 Interim Management Network Membership Benefits

Professional development sessions

Access to the Director of Interim Management Services and other members of the Armstrong McGuire team as needed to troubleshoot issues and discuss strategy in strengthening a client’s organizational platform

Network of interim management peers

Referrals to potential engagements

Listing in the Armstrong McGuire Interim Management Directory

Listing on the Armstrong McGuire Interim Management webpage

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