We believe successful philanthropy results from the strength of relationships between those who are effectively engaged with your organization’s mission and its leaders.  As we have seen time and again, these are the relationships that ultimately determine success in long-term revenue generation and organizational health. Our approach to designing resource development plans focuses on effectively blending fundraising best practices with tailor-made strategies suited to our client’s readiness for and commitment to achieving sustainable, long-term relationships with its community of supporters.

Annual Campaign Development: Whether you have an existing annual campaign or you are looking to start one, we can help you outline a plan using the fundraising techniques that best match your culture, resources, and audiences.

Fundraising Effectiveness: Are you getting a strong return on your fundraising investment? Do you know your true cost of fundraising, your dependency quotient, and your donor retention rate? We analyze your data and make recommendations on how you can strengthen your fundraising efforts.

Analysis of Pipeline: Where will your next major donor come from? Do you have a strong donor pipeline? How do you strengthen your pipeline or build one from scratch? We can help.

Art of the Ask Training: The number one reason people do not give is because they were not asked. We help board and staff leaders become comfortable and efficient in asking others to invest in your mission.

Not sure what approach to take? Let’s work together to create a solution that meets your specific needs.