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Armstrong McGuire is a place where you and your work matter—and is more than just a place to work. We’re a team of people who believe strong nonprofits and philanthropies make communities stronger; we are inspired to support our clients and propel them forward.

We approach challenges with compassion and understanding to equip our clients for maximum impact, leading them into their vision and investing ourselves in creating positive outcomes for their communities.
Administrative Coordinator

We dig deeper to connect the dots across all areas of philanthropic and nonprofit management so you can design plans today that create impact for tomorrow.

What we believe in:

We approach our work with joy and optimism.

People make organizations and communities strong and people are at the center of everything we do. We value each and every one of our relationships and embrace every diverse perspective and lived experience, ensuring they are not only acknowledged — but heard, amplified, valued, and understood.

We lead with care and candor.

We are frank, open, and transparent — committed to telling our clients what they need to hear (even if it’s tough). We show up consistently, intentionally, and always with integrity. We meet our clients where they are with compassionate empathy, so we can move them where they need to go.

We are perpetual learners.

We remain open and ready to evolve, approaching the world with an insatiable curiosity. We continually refine our approach because we acknowledge every client, challenge, and situation is unique. By developing deeper understanding, we’re able to navigate complexities thoughtfully and thoroughly.

We’re committed to seeing things through.

We are invested in our clients’ outcomes, collectively working to create positive impact and change within our communities. Because when our communities thrive, we all move forward together.

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