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Arise Collective

Systemic problems require holistic solutions. Women transitioning from incarceration have paid their debt to society. They can become successful, productive citizens with empathetic support that gives them the power to play the lead role in the story of their lives.


  • Restructured AC’s governance model and board composition to incorporate lived experience, influence, financial capacity, and operational expertise, while also representing the demographics of those in the community and those directly affected by the work
  • Developed a full-life cycle board process that addresses board member identification, recruitment, engagement, assessment, and succession
  • Replaced the outdated and ineffective committee structure with three committees – Executive Committee, Internal Affairs, External Affairs – that promote communication and collaboration
  • Worked with Arise Collective leadership to target key members of the community for board service
  • Outcome: Arise Collective’s Board of Directors is a powerful force for the organization


After leading Arise Collective in strategic planning, Armstrong McGuire was approached by Arise and a funder to engage cross-functional community stakeholders in the development of a business case to significantly expand the organization’s scope of services. The business case identified the need to make structural changes to the board to support the organization’s plans for growth and, in light of this, we worked with Arise leadership to identify the role of the board and the expertise, experience, and representation needed. We then researched best practices and alternative strategies and reached out to other successful organizations to evaluate structural options, culminating in a governance model that would help Arise reach its goals.

Our expertise in these fields led us to success.


Once we gained agreement on the governance model, Armstrong McGuire created a full board lifecycle process and documentation to support it, resulting in revised bylaws and a governance manual that serves as a guide to both new and existing board members. We then worked with Arise to evaluate its current board composition, identify gaps, and cultivate prospective board members who might be a fit for the organization’s needs. Simultaneously, we re-organized the siloed committee structure into one that better serves Arise and more fully utilizes the talents and experience of committee members.

“Board development was a key part of our strategic plan, and with Staci Barfield's help, our board transformed from one that gave itself low marks in our organizational assessment, to one that is highly engaged, extremely effective, and a real partner with our CEO. Staci led us through a process that significantly improved all aspects of our governance structure. We couldn't be more pleased!”
Jennifer Jackson

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