Nonprofits in the Trump era

| by Leslie Starsoneck

In an effort to share timely information and opinion on current trends impacting the non-profit sector in our state and region, we will be devoting consecutive weekly blogs to an issue or topic.  This week begins a series on the Johnson Amendment and the current administration’s interest in its repeal.

“The Johnson Amendment, a piece of federal legislation named after then Senator Lyndon B. Johnson passed in 1954, prevents churches and other charities (also known as 501(c)(3) nonprofits) from engaging in electoral politics and supporting candidates for public office.”

Richard Clerkin wrote in his opinion piece in the News and Observer last Friday about the wrongheadedness of repealing the Johnson Amendment. Do you agree with his rationale that keeping charity’s missions above politics serves as an important reminder about why nonprofits enjoy a tax exempt status?  

Richard M. Clerkin, PhD, is executive director of the Institute for Nonprofits at N.C. State University and an associate professor in the university’s School of Public an International Affairs. 

Look for my blog next week about this topic and public policy involvement by nonprofits in the Trump era. 


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