Dec 12


There it was. Another news item about nonprofit compensation, this one detailing the exorbitant salary of the executive director of the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence. She is currently making somewhere in the mid-$700,000 range.

Leslie Starsoneck
May 31

The Elephant in the Room

I love talking to my friend, Bernice Sanders Smoot. She is the founder and principal of a firm called Saint Wall Street, LLC that helps nonprofits capture and articulate their value. The first time I heard her speak, I had one of those “I really need to meet her” moments.

Leslie Starsoneck
Apr 5

Going Against Convention

Despite the nonprofit sector’s complexity and diversity, there are a fair number of common practices or conventional wisdom. One practice is when a founding director announces their intention to retire or otherwise leave the organization, it is best to make a clean break – thorough and swift.

Leslie Starsoneck
Mar 7

Nonprofits in the Trump Era - Part II

Last week in this space I posted a link to Richard Clerkin’s opinion piece about the repeal of the Johnson Amendment, ”Keeping politics out of the pews.” This week I want to share my thoughts.

Leslie Starsoneck

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