Nov 11

Batter Up!

In a recent article at entitled Take Me Out to the Ballgame!: a Comparison Between Fundraising and Baseball, the authors examine how baseball and fundraising rely on similar tools of the trade to be successful: good data, teamwork, strategy, practice, investments made in players, coaches, equipment and training, and making the right moves based on the environment and how things change during the course of a single game or over an entire season.

Bert Armstrong
Nov 4

Vegas, Inclusive Culture, and Ericka James

Recently my husband attended a business conference in Las Vegas, and he invited me to come along. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I had time or was all that interested in Sin City, but a friend encouraged me to go just to be with Jeff. She was right. I was reminded that investing time with your spouse or partner is always worth it.So, off to Vegas we flew.

Shannon Williams
Oct 28

More Than a Bonfire and S’mores

This past weekend we gathered our neighbors and roasted s’mores over a bonfire. We met some new neighbors and got to know old neighbors better. Conversations arose naturally about ideas for neighborhood improvements, safety, and future gatherings. New neighbors were asked for their thoughts and ideas. Everyone agreed to get involved in an area of need: Neighborhood Watch program, getting out the vote, landscaping, future events, volunteer opportunities, etc. We all had a fun evening and went home feeling great that we had the opportunity to catch up and now feel motivated to get more involved and take action.

April Anthony
Oct 21

Not That Special

I think I might have stepped out of line a bit lately. In our role as strategic advisors with Armstrong McGuire, we get the honor of partnering with a variety of nonprofits, staff, board members, and volunteers as they navigate change, set vision, or strive to build capacity. Sometimes they are trying to do all three at once. It’s a lot!

Mendi Nieters

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