Jan 31

January. The Longest Year Ever.

“January seems like the longest year ever.” I chuckled as my husband recounted this opening line from an acquaintance during a work meeting.

Sara Littlejohn
Jan 3

20 Years Strong, and We Are Just Getting Started

Happy New Year! Ringing in any new year presents all of us time to reflect on a year that was. These reflections and the lessons learned from them offer us greater clarity about what we believe our future can be as we turn to making hopeful resolutions for the year ahead to be better, do better, feel better, and live better.

Bert Armstrong
Dec 27

Happy New Year

Before we turn the calendar to a new year and begin celebrating Armstrong McGuire’s 20th Anniversary, we believe that looking back on the past year can be incredibly valuable.

Nevin Daryani
Dec 18

Happy Holidays from Armstrong McGuire and Associates

We are so grateful for the wonderful relationships we have built and the amazing work we have accomplished together. Thank you!

Nevin Daryani

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