Jul 11

When you hit a hard spot.

In my daily life, I am grateful to work with so many people and organizations doing good together.

Hannah Randall
Jan 24

Strengthening Foundations

My neighbor recently reached out about the maintenance needs of the old logging bridge leading to our homes.

Hannah Randall
Mar 22

Are You Sowing Seeds?

In the age of technology and data at our fingertips, it’s easy to get lost in the pressure to meet key performance indicators and develop new reports. As spring has begun, I’ve twice been reminded that our work is about much more than the beans we count and a lot more about the seeds we sow.

Hannah Randall
Nov 16

Thinking of a change?

Everyone needs a change sometimes. Whether you are looking to grow your talents, focus on your family, or find that better balance, thinking about a transition can be daunting…but it can also be motivating. Here are some tips to help ease transition, both for you and for those in your circle.‍

Hannah Randall

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