Jan 3

20 Years Strong, and We Are Just Getting Started

Happy New Year! Ringing in any new year presents all of us time to reflect on a year that was. These reflections and the lessons learned from them offer us greater clarity about what we believe our future can be as we turn to making hopeful resolutions for the year ahead to be better, do better, feel better, and live better.

Bert Armstrong
Oct 11

Follow the signs, not the people

Do you remember the childhood game, Follow the Leader? One child is chosen to be the leader, the rest of the children line up behind, and everyone copies the movements of the line leader (like doing jumping jacks, hopping on one leg, clapping your hands, etc.). Fun times with the only consequence being that if you fail to copy the movement of the leader, you sit out until the next game starts.

Bert Armstrong
May 17

Bluffing is a Dangerous Campaign Strategy

Back in college, I occasionally found my way to a friendly poker night with a few buddies. The pots were usually small, with the occasional $50 - $100 pot later in the evening whenever one of our over-confident friends started mouthing off to one of his equally over-confident pals. As the pots got bigger, the energy reached a different level, and I would often get caught up in the bravado of raising bets and drawing more money from my wallet to be sure I could stay in the game. My zealous approach to poker nights soon earned me the dubious nickname “Bet” Armstrong by my fraternity brothers.

Bert Armstrong
Jan 4

Practice? We’re talking about Practice?

I am bidding 2022 adieu with mixed emotions.

Bert Armstrong

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