Sep 23

What is it About Pope Francis?

I am Catholic. And my faith is the single most important thing in my life

Aug 12

Are You Celebrating Back to School?

Summer is winding down and kids are headed back to school. I’m seeing back to school flyers in the papers and first day of school pictures popping up all over my newsfeed on Facebook. So this got me thinking: What can we in the nonprofit sector learn from this Back to School season?

Jul 1

How Will You Declare Your Independence This Fourth of July?

I love the 4th of July! The cookouts, the family gatherings, and, of course, the fireworks! This year I’ve been thinking about the whole idea of independence and how that relates to the world of nonprofits. Here are four ways to consider declaring your independence at your organization this Fourth of July.

May 13

Is "Sales" a Dirty Word?

A friend introduced me to some skin care products not too long ago and I was completely blown away. I fell in love immediately with how my skin looked & felt. My friend then asked me if I’d be interested in selling them. My initial response was to recoil, as if I were touching a hot stove. As I wrinkled up my nose, I thought “sales”. Ugh! Isn’t that a dirty word

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