Dec 17

How Long is Too Long for a Volunteer Leader to Serve?

Universities, colleges, small and large nonprofits all need to utilize volunteers to accomplish programmatic, governance and fundraising goals. Presidents, CEOs and Development Officers spend a lot of time recruiting volunteer leadership, training volunteers, communicating with volunteers and acknowledging volunteers. I dare pose the question “Are your volunteers happy?” and “Are organizations happy with their volunteers?”

April Anthony
Dec 2

The Lesson of the Gift Card

The season of gift giving is upon us. Presents are being wrapped and finding their places under Christmas trees all over the world. The pretty wrapping paper and ribbons cover boxes big and small that hold untold treasures, toys and gadgets just waiting to be opened and enjoyed by those special people in our lives.

Bert Armstrong
Nov 19

The Power of Young Women

An article in The Chronicle of Philanthropy caught my eye this past week. A new study, focusing on giving by Millennial and Gen X single women who are unaffiliated with a religion give two-and-a-half times more money to charity than their older, similarly secular counterparts.

Nov 12

Are We Challenging Nonprofits to do the Wrong Thing?

I secured my first annual fund challenge gift in 1994. The very generous donor and his wife, agreed to match every new and increased gift to our campaign up to $25,000. It worked brilliantly, and we far exceeded the challenge. It set our campaign onto a path of significant growth for years to come. By all accounts, it was a success.

Shannon Williams

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