May 1

Lessons from the Court

With the NBA playoffs underway, I have been thinking about basketball and strategic planning.

Melvin J. Scales
Aug 23

All Boats Rise: The Transformative Power of Nonprofits in Building Stronger Communities

In our work, we are privileged to partner with nonprofit boards, staff, funders, and volunteers across the country. Often our work focuses on helping our partners determine the best next steps to take to improve outcomes, deepen impact, and increase services.

Melvin J. Scales
Apr 11

Nonprofit Lessons Learned from a Board Chair

Leading a non-profit can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also be incredibly challenging. As a nonprofit board chair, I've learned a ton of lessons. I'd like to share a few with you today.

Melvin J. Scales
Aug 24

The Toxic Leader Kills Organizations

The command-and-control management style is a thing of yesteryear. It is no longer effective in today’s world of work where employees are more vocal and simply will not stand for this style. Keep up the archaic practices and you will be a leader without anyone left to lead.

Melvin J. Scales

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