Jul 22


Does anyone really like change? I’m not sure I know anyone who can accommodate major transitions without a level of anxiety and stress. Nevertheless, the old adage tells us that the only constant in life is change, so, stressful or not, it’s something we all face in the course of life: work, family, friendships, social connections and volunteering.

May 27

Thank You!

It’s spring. Temperatures are already uncomfortably warm, school is wrapping up and dreams of the sound of crashing waves or the sensation of a cool breeze through mountain trees dance in our heads

Apr 8

Making Room for the Aha! Moment

A recent NPR TED Radio Hour touched on, among other things, the importance of play in human experience.

Mar 4

The Magic of a Great Mission Statement

I’ve been thinking about mission statements lately and it’s going to get worse before it’s all over. I’m usually on the consultant side of the process when working with nonprofit clients, which is very interesting.

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