Dec 15

How Do You Measure Up to Your Fellow Board Members?

Surveys, surveys, and more surveys….but I found this one interesting and hope you will too. Paula Loop is the Leader of Governance Insights Center at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. Each year she conducts a survey of corporate board members and many of her findings and suggestions also relate well to nonprofit boards. The survey results show 10 Key findings that have a major impact on how boards perform.

April Anthony
Dec 8

Philanthropy Is Not Measured by Dollars Alone

Our sons both play high school basketball. Through their experiences we have come to know and love some of the most amazing philanthropists I have ever met. Yes, I have met a lot of great philanthropists in my 22 years in the non-profit sector, but none quite like Jim and Peggy Taylor.

Shannon Williams
Dec 1

Adding Fairness to Your Appeal

I love a quiet Sunday morning with coffee, a lazy cat, and the Sunday New York Times. During the week I get my news like most people these days, I scan headlines and articles from many of my favorite online sites. On Sunday I take time, fold back pages, and dig in to articles that may have been discarded with a keystroke on a weekday. On November 6th I spent my time with NYT special section called Giving, full of great articles and advice for those working or interested in the nonprofit space.

Leslie Starsoneck
Nov 17

Let’s Celebrate the Winners and What They Stand For!

Spoiler alert! This is not euphoric piling on of post-election elation from a Trump supporter. Nor is it post-mortem chatter about Clinton’s stunning popular vote victory. There is plenty of both going around and I expect most folks are ready to think about something, maybe anything, besides politics for at least a few minutes, days, weeks or even months.

Bert Armstrong

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