Jun 6

Getting to the Ground Truth in Our Communities, One Step at a Time

In the field of geographic information systems (GIS) mapping, there is a term for verifying data and images collected at a high, macro level. The term is Ground Truth.

Todd Brantley
May 31

The Importance of Making Friends

As many people in the nonprofits world know, making friends and maintaining relationships is important for a number of reasons. Having connections and networking is essential in talent acquisition as well. Who you know and how you use those connections can make all the difference in effectively filling a position.

Nick Billman
May 23

The Hardest Job I Ever Had, Revisited

As I sat down to write this week’s blog post, I realized the topic I had in mind was one I’ve already written about – the challenges of being a nonprofit executive director or CEO. I pulled up the old post to see what is still relevant and (no surprise!) little has changed. In fact, the job may have gotten even harder, if that’s possible.

Staci Barfield
May 17

Bluffing is a Dangerous Campaign Strategy

Back in college, I occasionally found my way to a friendly poker night with a few buddies. The pots were usually small, with the occasional $50 - $100 pot later in the evening whenever one of our over-confident friends started mouthing off to one of his equally over-confident pals. As the pots got bigger, the energy reached a different level, and I would often get caught up in the bravado of raising bets and drawing more money from my wallet to be sure I could stay in the game. My zealous approach to poker nights soon earned me the dubious nickname “Bet” Armstrong by my fraternity brothers.

Bert Armstrong

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