Feb 7

Board Culture

This month, Armstrong McGuire is reflecting on nonprofit board governance, and what it really means to be a single member of a collective Board of Directors.

Todd Brantley
Oct 31

Writer’s Block: The Nonprofit Equivalent

Full disclosure: The blog post you are reading almost didn’t happen. Like most people, there are times where I can come down with a nasty case of writer’s block, and I was stricken by a particularly acute onset this time.

Todd Brantley
Jun 6

Getting to the Ground Truth in Our Communities, One Step at a Time

In the field of geographic information systems (GIS) mapping, there is a term for verifying data and images collected at a high, macro level. The term is Ground Truth.

Todd Brantley
Feb 7

Let's Play the Game of Risk

Recently, I turned the final page on Adam Higginbotham’s excellent book, Midnight in Chernobyl, a seemingly minute-by-minute account of the human-made events leading up to and following the 1986 nuclear disaster in North-Central Ukraine.

Todd Brantley

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