Apr 27

The Power of Multi-generational Giving

According to the Center on Wealth and Philanthropy at Boston College, we are currently experiencing the largest wealth transfer in US history. $59 trillion (yes, trillion!) will transfer to the next generation from 2007 to 2061. Charitable giving during that same period is estimated to be $20.6 trillion. With longer lifespans and a greater understanding of how sustained giving over time can positively contribute to the social good, many families want to approach their giving strategically with more multi-generational collaboration. Thus, increasingly traditions of giving, and not just money, are passed from one generation to the next.

Jeff Hensley
Feb 9

2022: Time for Nonprofit Boards to Step Up To the Challenge

As you prepare for a third year operating, living, working, and navigating pandemic norms, is your board ready to assume the responsibility and leadership obligations necessary for the transformation coming to the nonprofit sector?

Beth Briggs
Dec 16

Cryptocurrency and the Future of Philanthropy

One of the biggest financial stories of the past few years is the meteoric rise of cryptocurrency as an increasingly popular, highly appreciated yet volatile investment opportunity.

Jeff Hensley
Nov 11

Batter Up!

In a recent article at GivingUSA.org entitled Take Me Out to the Ballgame!: a Comparison Between Fundraising and Baseball, the authors examine how baseball and fundraising rely on similar tools of the trade to be successful: good data, teamwork, strategy, practice, investments made in players, coaches, equipment and training, and making the right moves based on the environment and how things change during the course of a single game or over an entire season.

Bert Armstrong

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