Apr 3

George Washington: The OG Spy

My family is still reveling in the joy of a great spring break trip to Washington, DC.

Mendi Nieters
Aug 2

143 days until Christmas

Did you know that there are 143 days until Christmas? Have you started shopping for gifts? I haven’t but plans are starting to take shape for December.

Mendi Nieters
Jul 13

Planting Seeds

My father was raised on a farm. While he has never been a professional farmer, farming, working the land, and producing something of value is in his DNA. What he was not born with is patience!

Mendi Nieters
Mar 15

What I have learned over the past 6 years…

Six years ago, I became a Senior Advisor with Armstrong McGuire. Recently I was taking a walk and listening to a podcast where a researcher I admire was interviewed. The host asked her, after 13 years of research and 6 books, what have you learned? I was shocked and in awe of the fact that in three simple bullets she was able to eloquently summarize the key findings of her life’s work.

Mendi Nieters

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