Apr 8

Bridging the Divide in Strategic Planning

When I use the term “strategic planning,” what is your immediate response?

Staci Barfield
Jan 9

Adapt and Adjust: The Importance of Organizational Design

I once asked my grandmother, who was born in 1929, to share with me all the major changes she had seen in her lifetime.

Staci Barfield
Oct 18

What Got Us Here Will Not Get Us There

A board member at an organization at which I previously worked used to frequently say, “What got us here will not get us there.”

Staci Barfield
May 23

The Hardest Job I Ever Had, Revisited

As I sat down to write this week’s blog post, I realized the topic I had in mind was one I’ve already written about – the challenges of being a nonprofit executive director or CEO. I pulled up the old post to see what is still relevant and (no surprise!) little has changed. In fact, the job may have gotten even harder, if that’s possible.

Staci Barfield

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