Jan 31

January. The Longest Year Ever.

“January seems like the longest year ever.” I chuckled as my husband recounted this opening line from an acquaintance during a work meeting.

Sara Littlejohn
Nov 27

How a Letter to Santa Foreshadowed My Nonprofit Career

My parents recently started the arduous process of cleaning out the house they have spent the past 23 years in to prepare for an upcoming move to New Bern, NC.

Sara Littlejohn
Jul 19

Change Will Come

When I started working at Armstrong McGuire, I was asked to submit a professional bio and answer a few questions for our website. I made the connection recently that, at the time, I noted my favorite vacation spot was New Bern, NC. Today, I am proud to say I am a New Bern resident!

Sara Littlejohn
Feb 28

Lessons from my Brother

Last month, I wrote a blog about Finding Your People and this month I want to share with you a little bit about one of mine, my younger brother Danny.

Sara Littlejohn

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