Are You Sowing Seeds?

In the age of technology and data at our fingertips, it’s easy to get lost in the pressure to meet key performance indicators and develop new reports.  As spring has begun, I’ve twice been reminded that our work is about much more than the beans we count and a lot more about the seeds we sow.

It started on a cooler day while I was walking down the path to let the chickens out (we free range around here). I happened to notice that the first Lenten rose had begun blooming. It was given to me by the Board Chair at MANNA FoodBank and comes up every year as a spring welcome.

I stopped as I thought about how thankful I am to feel that love year after year, and how what we do and give really transcends even what our mission might say.

Then I asked myself, have I planted seeds that transcend and have I planted enough? When is it enough?

This week, I got a message from a friend and teammate from my days at Duke Energy. I used to manage power plants and the staff at one of them wanted a dog, so we adopted one- an unconventional decision even at the time. My teammate said, “Just wanted you to know that Bonnie is still making her rounds and spreading love to the employees there…She is a very sweet dog, and I can see that all the employees there really love her.”

So, as you make decisions about how to spend your time as a teammate, a leader, and a human, ask yourself:

- What seeds am I planting?

- How can my choices sustain a better world?

You never know what good you might do.

Editors note: The picture above features Hannah’s chickens. It is true. They really are free range.

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