Let Your Teammates Know You are Thankful for Them

Thanksgiving is always a time to reflect on the people, events, and things one is thankful for. In reflecting on what I was thankful for I thought about Armstrong McGuire and my coworkers.

Armstrong McGuire is my first full time position since graduating from grad school, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to put my skills and talents to the test. But it is not just the opportunity, it is the people—the team that has come alongside of me as I learn. My coworkers have shared information, guidance, opinions, and helped me in any way that I ask. As I thought about all that I had to be thankful for, I realized that sharing these thoughts and feelings is important.

Showing and sharing gratefulness through words of affirmation or small gestures is a quick and easy way to boost staff morale. Quick thank you messages or showing added appreciation at the close of a task is an easy way to help prevent burn out. These small messages are something that I have found very uplifting during my time at Armstrong McGuire. I have had days where nothing is going my way, and I have received messages thanking me for my efforts on a project. These messages make challenging work easier because my efforts were being recognized and not dismissed as an expectation. Nobody feels good when their effort and hard work is brushed aside or dismissed.

Showing appreciation and gratitude can, and should, come in a variety of forms. At times it is a quick message or an email, other times it can be a gift or a party for the staff. Staff appreciation should vary, but also should not be overdone. If smaller forms of gratitude are done too often, they will lose their authenticity. It turns a small act from positive to potentially stale, which can have the opposite effect than intended.

Mixing small messages and signs of appreciation into a normal work week can be an easy way to boost morale when used alongside other staff appreciation events and gifts. Staff appreciation is always important, even in small day-to-day tasks. Make sure that during this holiday season that your coworkers and staff know how thankful you are for them!

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