Let's Talk Fundraising Effectiveness!

While I don’t love being on video, I do love talking about fundraising effectiveness! This fantastic tool can help you answer big questions like:

  • Do we have a healthy development program?
  • Are we raising enough money to support our mission?
  • Do we have the right balance of risk and reward?
  • Have we assessed our development program in the last three years?
  • To what extent are we reliant on our top funders?
  • What is our fundraising ROI?
  • How efficient and effective are our fundraising campaigns?
  • Should we spend more money on direct mail and digital fundraising?
  • Is there data to support why our staff might be feeling overextended or burned out?
  • Can the data support bringing an additional resource to the development team?

If you’ve been wondering about any of the questions above if might be time for a fundraising effectiveness analysis. Investing in sound, strategic fundraising efforts that fund your organization’s programs and strike the appropriate balance of risk and reward is the key to a healthy development program.

Sam Wright is a Senior Advisor with Armstrong McGuire who specializes in resource development, talent acquisition, coaching, and data analysis and research. Learn more about Sam in her bio. Hear more about what Sam has to say on fundraising effectiveness in this short video.

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