I do not like writing. My story is “I am not good at writing. I am not clear enough. I have too much to say. I don’t have enough to say.”

And so every time I need to write something more than an email I get anxious and then I put it off, which makes me more anxious, which reinforces my identity story that I am not a good writer, and the cycle continues.

What is the story about yourself that you want to break?

Let us break the cycle together, shall we?

First, you set the INTENTION to break the cycle.

Second, you must get clear on what you WANT.

At the new year, I planted the seed with myself that this would be the year I got comfortable writing. I made zero progress until one night in August, when I just decided it was time. The belief I had about myself needed to change. I needed to believe that I am a good writer and I needed to tell myself that writing is easy.

When something is easy you are more likely to engage.


Maybe the things that we resist are exactly the things that we need to dive deeper into?

OR maybe it is BOTH.

Last month, I finished a three-month intensive Authentic Leadership Coaching class through Raleigh Coaching Academy ( One participant talked about how she is an artist and has practiced her art in many mediums but could never get into poetry. In fact, she strongly disliked poetry and, yet, on the last day of our class she shared the most beautiful poem.

Maybe she is a poet after all.

Maybe I am a writer after all.

Who might you become if you stopped resisting?

This crazy COVID time has given us space to reflect. What is it that we WANT and then what work must we do towards CREATING that type of life?

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