Strengthening Foundations

My neighbor recently reached out about the maintenance needs of the old logging bridge leading to our homes. Just a few years ago, we were fortunate that we made major structural repairs ahead of a flood that involved both horse rescue and a swift water rescue of a local business on either side of this same bridge. That flood was a sobering reminder of the reality of how important it is to strengthen our foundations.

As we face the complexities of maintaining ourselves and our organizational infrastructure, I hope you will take a moment to reflect on how you are supporting yourself going into this year.  

Are you investing in your growth and finding support from other leaders?  

I recently participated in Armstrong McGuire's CEO and Executive Director Zoom session and was grateful for the time to hear from other leaders about what’s on their minds. These 1-hour drop-in conversations provide a valuable space for support and learning from other leaders, offering a unique opportunity to invest in ourselves. If you are a current nonprofit executive leader and you would like to attend a future session, please email

Is your organization operating appropriately for the challenges ahead?

People, processes, systems, and culture all deeply affect your ability to deliver on your strategy and mission. What can you do this year to make things run more smoothly with less headaches and more stability?

Making sure you have people, systems, processes, and culture aligned is critical to achieving the results you want. If you are not sure you have that alignment, an experienced leader with an objective view can help you create a path to success. Our structured approach helps organizations understand the interconnected elements of critical tasks, formal organization, people, and culture. The design process offers tools and a roadmap to effectively utilize limited resources and position you for shifts in the operating environment or other challenges.

Whatever you are working on this year, I hope that your commitment to maintenance and strategy protects you from the floods and prepares you to thrive in the year ahead. Onward!

Hannah Randall is a Senior Advisor with Armstrong McGuire who specializes in executive search, board retreats, strategic planning, and mentoring. Learn more about Hannah and check out her other musings in her bio.

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